Entire Lite Client Support

Entire Lite Client Support

Welcome to the dedicated Client Support Page for Entire Lite

EntireLite5A brand new offering from Entire OnHire, this paired back version of our award winning software allows smaller and more budget conscious businesses to access core system functionalities from the very start of their journey. With a streamlined onboarding process, you can start using several of our world-class features straight away. With our highly accessible price point, your team can take the time it needs to build the right processes and when you are ready to take operations to the next level, you can scale with ease and confidence. This client support page is created to provide insights into our Entire Lite and assist you with queries while exploring your new Entire Lite system :hugging:


W a t c h    T h i s    S p a c e    F o r

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:sparkles: Product Highlights 

:dart: Target Audience

  • Entire Lite is designed to cater to the needs of small businesses with simple features for an easy-to-use system to accelerate your hiring process

  • Provides budget friendly solutions for small businesses

  • Streamlines daily staffing operations and manages the work volume efficiently

  • Track and manage your service operations with ease to create sustainable business growth 

  • The integrated system facilitates agencies to quickly respond to clients to fill positions

  • Provides a scalable solution to customise the core functionalities to suit your business requirements

  • Simple and easy support

Entire Lite is best suited to a startup or small business that’s looking to improve their internal staffing operations via an integrated and scalable software solution.

With additional functionality available whenever you're ready for it, Entire Lite offers you all the tools you need to get started.

Best suited to Australian staffing businesses with 1-3 internal employees servicing the healthcare, community, education, hospitality, and security sectors.



:books: Modules Available 

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Growth Modules Available 

The key features of Entire Lite include:

:warning: WARNING: Note the features not available in Entire Lite and to add any new feature a package upgrade is required:

Applicant OnBoarding, Online References, Release Shifts, Contact Log, Advance Infection Control, Document Compliance Check - Batch Job, Member App, Client Portal, Entire Finance, XeopleSign, XeopleRecruit and all Growth Modules.

Explore the below Growth Modules which are compatible with the Entire Lite. This selection of paid add-on features can be unlocked to complement your system.

To procure any of the available growth modules listed above, you can reach our Support Team (support@entiresoftware.com).


:park: Application Theme 

:credit_card: Credit Checks Available 

You can customize the look and feel of your Entire Lite by using different application themes available for easy support.


Credit checks are available for:

  • SMS Credit Checks – To check the remaining SMS Credits

  • VISA Credit Checks – To check and ensure the non-resident members do not exceed their authorised working hours limit set within the system.


:mega: Version Patches and Upgrade 

:gift: Premium Features 

No version upgrades or new roadmap features are available with the Lite package. In case of any issues, patch versions are available. Routine maintenance patches will be done every 2 years.

The upgrade options available are Bronze and Silver. Note that the new setup cost will apply as per the additional features.

Thank you for starting your Entire OnHire journey with our Lite option 😊.

While using the product, if you are trying to access pages with no content availability, this indicates the content is specifically reserved for users who have subscribed to a more premium package.

To access this content and utilise our premium features, you will be required to upgrade your subscription. With the business growth you'll see with Entire OnHire, you'll be ready to upgrade in no time! 

You can reach our support team for upgrade related queries at support@entiresoftware.com.