Booking Reports

Stand By/Release Booking Report

The Standby/Release Booking Report provides a list of all the Released and Stand By shifts on a particular date.

The Standby/Release Booking Report generates a comprehensive list of all the Released and Stand By shifts for a specific date.

To access the report, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Reports" tab.

2. Select "Standby/Release Booking Report" from the list.

3. Choose the desired Shift Date using the calendar provided. (Note: The * denotes a mandatory field.)

4. Select a Relationship Office from the dropdown menu.

5. Specify whether you want to run the report for Stand By shifts, Release shifts, or both.

6. Click on the "Report" button to fetch the Stand By/Release Shifts Report.

The generated report will display the following information:

- The Shift Date column indicates the dates for each shift.

- The Member Name column provides the names of all the members associated with the shifts.

- The Qual column displays the qualifications of the members.

- The Service Location column indicates the location where the shift is booked.

- The Shift column provides information on whether the shift is in the AM or PM.

- The Start Time and End Time columns specify the times when the shift begins and ends.

- The Stand By and Double Shifts columns provide information on whether the given shifts are Stand By or Double shifts.

Additionally, you have the option to export this report in various formats such as PDF, Excel, etc. To do so, select your preferred format and click on the "Export" button.