Professional Portal

Professional Portal: New Booking

Video - How to create new booking - Client New Booking - EntireHR

Breakdown of the How to Book on a Computer Desktop. Please note professional Mobile APP has the same features just in a simplified format.

  • This is where you are able to enter shifts

  • Fill in as many details as possible (red * means mandatory)

  • If you are entering more than one shift, select multiple shifts and then you can enter more than one at a time using our “Multi-booking Feature”

  • Once you enter the details of the shift you have the following click options

    • Add Shifts to list

      • Designed for when you may need to confirm a shift with a facility manager before placing the booking with the agency. Multiple shifts can be added and viewed at once before clicking either Confirm Shift(s) or removing the booking/s completely (trash bin icon) if you change your mind.

    • Confirm Shifts

      • This will book the shifts in for the allocations Team to now allocate and review

    • Clear Fields

      • Clear Fields will instantly clear all current information or selections you have made in your shift selection.

    • Help