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Professional Portal: Approve Timesheets


The Timesheet Approval Process begins when the staff submits the timesheet. The new feature of the Timesheet Approval Process includes additions and modifications in the Client Portal.

New Timesheet Approval Process has now been designed for easy tracking of timesheet submission and approval process for the Clients. You can quickly review, approve, or dispute a member's timesheet :nerd:.

Client Portal - Approve Timesheet process

The modifications in the Client Portal are explained in the Approve Timesheets, Review and Approve Timesheet, Member App Push Notification, Approve Multiple Timesheets, and Review Approved Timesheet.

Approve Timesheets

To approve the timesheets of the members, log in to the Professional/Client portal. In the Professional/Client portal, click the Approve Timesheet and the Approve Timesheets page is displayed.

Now in the Approve Timesheets:

  • You can filter data by Area, Day, Shift, and Client Action also.

  • You can view all the timesheets that are Pending Client Review, Waiting Member Response, and Dispute Occurred.

  • Click Pending Client Review in the Review Timesheet to approve the timesheets.

Review and Approve Timesheet

On clicking Pending Client Review, the Review Timesheet pop-up screen opens. In the Review Timesheet screen, you can:

  1. View the member’s timesheet by clicking View Timesheet.

  2. Download the timesheet by clicking Download Snap.

  3. View the Member Name and Member Timesheet Notes.

  4. View the Shift/Details provided by the Agency and Employee.

  5. Provide your input in By Client.

  6. Provide Client Notes. In case you disagree with the member’s timesheet submission details, provide the reason in the Client Notes.

  7. The Authorised Person Name and Authorised Person Email ID are automatically populated and are editable.

  8. Provide Your Signature.

  9. To approve the timesheet, click Approve Timesheet.

  10. To dispute the timesheet, click Dispute Timesheet.

Member App Push Notifications

When the Client/Professional approves or disputes the timesheet, the members will receive the Push Notifications :mobile_phone: for both Timesheet Approved or Timesheet Dispute.

  1. In case of Approve Timesheet - timesheet approved push notification is received.

  2. In case of Dispute Timesheet - timesheet dispute push notification is received.


Push Notification for Approve Timesheet

Push Notification for Dispute Timesheet




Approve Multiple Timesheets

You can approve multiple timesheets of the members at the same time. To approve the multiple members' timesheet:

  1. Select the date range by picking From Date and To Date and click Search.

  2. Now, select the multiple timesheets that are Pending Client Review by clicking the checkboxes on the left side of the page.

  3. Click Approve Multiple Timesheets.


You cannot approve more than 10 timesheets at a time.

4. `The Multiple Timesheets Approval pop-up screen opens. On this screen:

  • The Member Name, Authorised Person Name, and Authorised Person Email Id are displayed.

  • You can edit Authorised Person Name and Authorised Person Email Id.

  • Provide the Timesheet Approval Notes.

  • Provide Your Signature.

  • Click Approve and the timesheets for the selected members are approved.


Note that the Timesheet Approval Notes provided for the selected multiple members will be common to all. You can also review the notes by clicking these individual members' timesheets and similar notes are reflected :innocent:.


Review Approved Timesheets

When the members' timesheets are approved, you can review these approved timesheets. To review the approved timesheets:

  1. Select the date range by picking From Date and To Date.

  2. Click the Show Approved Shifts checkbox and click Search.

  3. All the Approved timesheets will be displayed.

  4. To review any member’s timesheet, click Approved in the Review Timesheet and the Review Timesheet pop-up screen opens.


  5. Now you can review the Shift/Details by Agency, Employee, and Client.   

  6. Review Client Notes (if any).

  7. You can scroll down to review the member’s Timesheet.

  8. The timesheet will show the Shift/Details by Agency, Employee, and Client.  

  9. Below the Member Signature, you can review the member’s Name, Email Id, and submission date and time.

  10. Below the Supervisor Signature, you can review the Client’s Name, Email Id, and submission date and time.