Members Reports

Members Worked on a Visa Report

This report is based on Members working on a Visa within a certain period.

You are able to Search by

  • Specific Members, Visa Sub Class, Qualification, State, Office, Member Status

  • Date Period - Max 6 Months

How to Access

  1. Reports - Member Reports - Members worked on Visa Details

2. Select your reporting Fields


3. Report either by Members or Visa Sub Class

Group by - Sub Class Example - Unable to export


  • Visa Sub Class Type

  • Number of members who worked on that visa subclass

If you Select “No of Members” or the Visa Sub Class hyperlink - you will get the specific member's names that you can then export

Group by - Member Example - Able to export and send an email directly from the system with the report

Columns are

  • Member ID

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Gender

  • Email

  • Visa Class

  • Visa Sub Class