Professional Portal

How to remove a Professional from a location

There is no ability to delete a Professionals profile in the system, much like you cannot delete a member. The reason you are not able to delete a Professional's profile is for compliance purposes as all the data linked to the user would be removed leaving data missing in the the system.  If a Professional no longer works at a location or you wish to restrict their access you are able to remove their profile from a Client Location/s

The first step to removing a Professional from a location is finding out which location they are linked to.

From this page search for the Professional and select Clients Locations. This will provide a list of all locations this Professional has access to.

To remove the Professionals access to these locations

Go to Client Bobble in the Web portal > Search for the Client > Click on Professionals tab > Delete the professional using the button shown in the screenshot below

Additionally, from the professional profile page you are also able to unlink clients per the below screenshot:

Selecting the clients to unlink, then pressing "Save" will lead to the same effect as the above (i.e., this is the opposite direction to the above)