Logging In

How to download the Members App for Android Devices

1 - Access the Mobile App Download Page

A link will be sent to you Via email or SMS. Click on the link provided to be taken to the download page.

2 - Select the Google Play Button

Scroll down to the Member App section and select the Google Play Store button to download the App. This will direct you to the Play Store.

3 - Select Install in the Play Store

It won’t take long for the App to install on your Device.

4 - Open the App

Once installed select the Application from your phone’s library.

5 - Allow the Permission Requests

Six different permissions requests will appear. Please select 'Allow' for all six.

7 - Log In using the Member ID and Password

When you first access the App you will need to enter your Member ID and Password.

If you don’t know your ID and Password please contact the agency.