Members Reports

Expiry Checks Report

This is where you can get a report based on the registration details below within a certain time period

You are able to report on 
  • Visa Expiry Check
  • Police Expiry Check
  • Registration Expiry Check
  • Work With Children Expiry
  • Date Of First Registration
  • How to Access
  • How to print or save Report

How to Access

  1. Reports

  2. Member Reports - Expiry Check Report

  3. Fill in your Reporting Details

    1. Country

    2. Relationship Office - Mandatory

    3. From and To Date- Mandatory

    4. Status

  4. Select the Expiry Type

  5. Then Either Report (Shown Below) or Report to Excel straight away

    How to print or save Report
  6. Select From the Dropdown of what format you would like to save it to

    1. PDF

    2. CSV

    3. EXCEL


    5. TIFF FILE


    7. XPS DOC

  7. Then Click Export, then it will load at the bottom of your browser for you to open and save on your computer